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Feeling Good . . . 

With Authenticity

Demi Schneider The Fundamental Shift Blog With Authenticity Empowering Women

There are always 2 angles - the negative and the positive.


It is a fact that negative thoughts are synonymous with our caveman brain, and indeed our lower self showing up, and positive thoughts are synonymous with our evolved brain, and our higher self showing up. In turn, this brings very different outcomes in life.


Yet trying to adopt positive thinking to have the benefits has it’s own traps. Being positive about a problem in fact just keeps giving power to the problem; denying our real feelings is invalidating ourselves and diminishes us further and can also cause health issues; being positive through will-power is only as good as long as we can keep it up and we can soon plummet down again.


If we are not aligned authentically, it can feel an uphill battle.


So if positivity is the better option to negativity, how can we be in this space authentically and with sustainability?


After years of training and my own life journey, I have come to understand the key elements to achieve this. This includes releasing all negativity from our system.


I have never understood the point of ‘anger management’ or ‘stress management’ and so on. This so gives our power away! Why not just dissolve the anguish or stress and learn the simple wisdom of how to live on a path of freedom and joy?


Instead of harbouring resentment, bitterness, guilt, fear, old unhelpful patterns, and all other diminishing emotions, we can let go and release these - for good. We can take back our power and be true to ourselves, validating things that have happened and acknowledging them completely - yet setting ourselves free in beautiful healing processes.


Releasing and deep healing work has been the corner stone of my own transformation and the great thing is that once it’s done, it’s done for good . . . how liberating is that?


Once unencumbered, we can easily learn to function from our ‘evolved’ brain, which is wired up to be naturally positive, to thrive and achieve and is naturally able to handle challenges and move forward, without anything ‘pinging us back’ or blocking us.


When this is anchored by us re-discovering our own value and worth and awesomeness, able to stand firm in the beauty of who we really are, feeling good about ourselves first and foremost, positivity flows through every cell of our being, with all the immense benefits mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, for us to be at one with ourselves and the universe.


Positive thinking is then automatic, authentic and sustainable - and life feels good!


If you were being really truthful with yourself, what negative emotions and/or unhelpful patterns do you have that would serve you to release?


If you were free of those for good, what difference would that make to how you felt and lived each day?

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