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Group Online 40 Day Success

Transform your woes and troubles into feeling good about you - with clarity, confidence, new understanding, enthusiasm and love of life. 

Face to Face

On Zoom

Support Handouts

17 Audio   racks

TFS T.png

Join 2 weekly Zoom sessions at 90 minutes each with transformational tuition, healing, positive meaningful change and Q & A. 

Download the support handouts to ensure you have your clear path ahead, including a single page “Step by Step Guide” each week for putting everything that’s been covered into action easily and effectively.

These audio tracks range from guided visualisations to repeat what we do in this 40 Days to Success, through to expanded healings, and uplifting daily boosters.

My   wo Books

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Receive a signed copy of each of my 2 books to reinforce your learning and have as an easy Go To any time you need. 

2 Individual

Zoom Sessions

Includes 2 x 30 minute personal sessions with me so that we can really hone into your own personal needs and make sure you are on your own personal path forward, with confidence and clarity.


and Upwards"

Receive 18 x monthly support letters to keep things fresh, keep on track and hone your new path. 

Extra Bundles

For further support, deeper work, or just a periodic booster session, extra sessions can be arranged individually or bought in discounted bundles to suit.  You are never alone.

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