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The Fundamental Shift

Our life-changing programmes bring soulful women back to their true path, to have and be and do and feel all they want - the soulful way - to be the confident, fulfilled, empowered, complete and vital beings they were meant to be, bringing their gifts and talents to the world and experiencing an abundance of love, peace and joy - thus ending all mental health struggles for good. 

Why We’re Proud . . .

We offer fast results. You can learn this tried, tested and proven process, just like our other clients over the last decade, in as little as 2 days, feeling the benefit immediately. Our programmes include follow up sessions to reinforce, go deeper and expand, so that you are on your new path firmly and confidently. Our mission is to get you into your fullness and wellbeing quickly and grow from there.  You are supported all the way and can also join the private facebook group to maintain contact, momentum, community and expansion on an ongoing basis.

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What You Can Achieve . . .

~ Take back your power to be in charge of your mind

~ Heal your past beautifully and painlessly to be whole again

~ Close the gap from where you are to where you want to be 

~ Build self-confidence, self worth and self belief

~ Create happy, wholesome, relationships

~ Come back to your true path of ‘who you really are’ instead of the path that ‘life has caused you to become’

~ Gain clarity in your way forward 

~ Be Whole, Fulfilled and Happy - fully equipped to handle whatever life throws at you! 

Choose Your Programme to Suit . . . 

Receive 2 days of one-to-one sessions online, in the comfort and ease of your own home, split into times that work for you. 

(4 half days over 2 weeks is recommended, but can be adapted for your needs.)

Individual Virtual Retreat

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Enjoy an all-inclusive 3 night stay in beautiful rural Devon, with 2 days of individual, personalised, one-to-one meaningful, positive change.

Individual Devon Retreat

Revel in 5 weeks in a group setting on video via Zoom, with 2 x 90 minute sessions per week, Q&A, and a bonus individual 45 minute coaching session to expand on your personal situation. 

Group Online 40 Day Success
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Heal Your Life
Group Retreat in England

Lose yourself in this beautiful, profoundly deep, healing and freeing immersive experiential 5 day retreat.

Learn, Heal, Release, Embody and Emerge a Freer Happier Soul. 

Experience this beautiful, profoundly deep, healing and freeing immersive experiential retreat over 7 days, including taking in some of the incredible delights of Dalyan, enjoying the sunshine and beauty. 

Learn, Heal, Release, Embody and Emerge a Freer Happier Soul. 


Heal Your Life
Group Retreat in   

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