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The Fundamental Shift
3 Night Retreat
in Devon
Heal Your Life,
Achieve Your Dreams
Women's Wellbeing 
Retreat in Turkey 
Individual Devon Retreat The Fundamental Shift
Individual Devon Retreat The Fundamental Shift
Individual Devon Retreat The Fundamental Shift
Heal Your Life, Achieve Your Dreams Turkey Retreat The Fundamental Shift
Heal Your Life, Achieve Your Dreams Turkey Retreat The Fundamental Shift
Heal Your Life, Achieve Your Dreams Turkey Retreat The Fundamental Shift
Heal Your Life, Achieve Your Dreams Turkey Retreat The Fundamental Shift
Heal Your Life,
Achieve Your Dreams
Women's Wellbeing 
Retreat in England 
Demi Schneider The Fundamental Shift Charity Work


We are proud to support the Just Like My Child Charity and their mission to empower vulnerable adolescent girls by enabling them
to create healthy, self-sustaining families

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What women are saying . . . 

I needed a break. Largely due to a lifetime of self doubt, I was stressed and anxious - and it was taking it’s toll on my health. When researching online, Demi’s one-to-one style made so much sense - because I would have no-one else to worry about, but at the same time nowhere to hide. After all, it was myself I needed to heal! For me this was a life-changing process... enjoyable, immensely challenging at times, but ultimately hugely rewarding. What I found out about myself - and how capable I was of changing my perceptions - was invaluable. Demi is full of beans and enthusiasm, but also extremely perceptive. She’s extremely nurturing because she wants you to succeed, but at the same time highly capable of handing one’s questions, doubts and fears. What’s more, this course is extremely good value because so much is put into it - accommodation, all meals, pre-course zooms, post course follow-ups, books, and a wealth of information and audio downloads. I spent nothing extra whilst on my course, and came away with plenty to draw from. Lovely accommodation, quality time to oneself and walking away with a new sense of self and purpose. Yup - it worked for me!

Jan D

Mirja I

During the COVID-19 pandemic I reached a point where I was exhausted and depressed.  I realised that I needed help and the space to focus on myself.  I came across Demi online and booked a retreat with her in Devon.  Demi taught me how to be aware of my thoughts, feelings and behaviour patterns; this allowed me to adjust my responses and reactions to circumstances and people in a more positive way.  I have learned to care for myself, to acknowledge my own worth and allow myself to want things for myself.  It was a very intensive couple of days but it has set me on the right path.  Demi was lovely and very invested in my progress.  She welcomed me like an old friend and couldn’t have done more to get through to me or make me feel more at ease.  Staying in the beautiful Orchard B&B allowed me the space to digest the day’s lessons and to wind down in the evening in a lovely, calm environment.  Finding Demi has made all the difference and I would recommend her whole heartedly.

I was at rock bottom when I first reached out to Demi online. I struggled in a group setting and was searching for a 'hard reset' to stop the negativity spiral and medication I was taking. I was extremely anxious yet open about the methodology offered. I spoke to Demi and she was warm, honest and it felt like I had known her for a lot longer than our initial consultation. I chose the two day intensive course and stayed in gorgeous rural Devon. Demi doesn't put a time restraint on anything which means you don't close down in preparation, like you would a regular mental health session. You absolutely get out what you put in and you work together you never feel on your own. Even the follow up sessions have been invaluable to maintain the techniques acquired during the two days. Make no mistake it took everything I had to make the first call and to actually turn up. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who feels they are running out of options or feeling a sense of overwhelm in any capacity. I am now starting to live not exist. I am in the process of reducing my medication which I did not think would ever be possibility for me. Demi is passionate about her teachings and I can’t thank her enough for helping me to find my way out of the darkness. I noticed some big differences immediately and after 4 weeks I am feeling more shifts that I never thought would come. Trust yourself, stick with it and don’t give up. 

Joey W

What a life transformational journey this has been and will continue to be. I first contacted Demi in the depths of despair after finding her page online with amazing reviews.I was overcome by negative thinking patterns and believed that anxiety was now a way of life for me. How wrong I was. Demi’s compassionate and relatable approach created a safe space for me to discover "ME" again. She refused to lead me down a typical therapy path of discussing and dwelling on negative past experiences and instead, equipped me with the tools to accept what has been and showed me how create positive life experiences. All of this has not only improved my life unbelievably so, but also the lives of my children and loved ones. I have shared snippets of advice to help friends, family, colleagues and my boys and often gift her book as a starting foundation to friends who comment on my transformation. I have read dozens of self-help books and watched countless YouTube videos. When I came to Demi she graciously asked me to pause all of this, to trust her on this journey. It is perhaps the bravest and most significant thing I have ever done. Thank you is a starting point but will never be enough, I plan to show you my gratitude by living what she has taught me everyday, by being the most self-loving and deserving version of me. With endless gratitude. 

Leighanne G

We all have inner beauty, sometimes
we just need to rediscover it. 

Demi Schneider

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