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Are you ready to leave your woes and yearnings and struggles and deep felt pain behind and re-discover your true worth, your true self, your true path and your true bliss?


Who we Serve  

Women who know they were meant for more, yearn for their fulfilment or to find what’s missing, to be in a wholesome romantic relationship, have a way of contributing or living a meaningful life, who want to feel confident, able to fully express themselves into the world and soak up every second of their precious life. 

You too can set yourself free to be, do, have and feel what you truly desire.

Demi Schneider The Fundamental Shift Empowering Women
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Demi Schneider



Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist

Solution Focused Brief Therapist

Metaphysical Life Coach

Founder of Depression Busting Courses &

The Fundamental Shift 

Author of “Beat Your Depression For Good” & 

“The Fundamental Shift - the No1 Guide for Young People to Feel Good, Be Happy and Enjoy Life"


Demi has been leading workshops and groups since 2002 and running group retreats and individual fast track retreats for people suffering with Stress, Overwhelm, Anxiety and Depression since 2010. Her unique style, content, process and programmes delivered with her natural warmth and empathy have transformed the lives of so many. 

Demi is also a Certified Louise Hay Facilitator for “Heal Your Life, Achieve Your Dreams” Courses and Workshops, qualifying in 2002. It is her joy to offer these as Retreats in England in the Spring each year, and from 2024, in the gorgeous sunshine of Turkey through the summer, to be able to fully immerse into this transformational experience with the bliss of a holiday feel as well. 

Louise Hay is a world renown leader, teacher and multi million best selling author whose work has transformed the lives of millions across the globe. Demi is honoured to continue and expand her legacy in these beautiful, transformational retreats. 

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