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Feeling Good . . .
   he Fundamental Shift

Demi Schneider The Fundamental Shift Blog Empowering Women

The Core Philosophy . . .

The core philosophy of The Fundamental Shift is to stop making the 2 biggest mistakes of 1) focusing on your problem and 2) trying to fix your problem and instead give your power to what you do want, aligning yourself to manifest and receive this abundantly.

If you give your attention to your problem or what’s wrong, you are just making it bigger in your mind, feeding all the negativity around it, producing unwanted brain chemicals, fuelling that negative energy and deepening yourself in the primitive caveman part of your brain, with all the subsequent miserable consequences. 

Feeling Good . . . 

Demi Schneider The Fundamental Shift Blog Happiness Empowering Women

Whatever life brings, what we really want is to feel good, isn’t it? 


We want to feel good about ourselves, our life and our future, don’t we? 


The problem comes if we are dependent on life delivering us what we want in order for us to feel good - because often life isn’t like this - as no doubt you’ve found too.

What really makes a difference . . . 

Feeling Good . . .

Demi Schneider The Fundamental Shift Blog Time Empowering Women

Time is our precious gift . . .

Time . . . what’s that like for you?  Too much time - not enough time - time flies by too fast?


Time is the most precious resource we have because it is limited.  None of us knows when our time on this planet will end.  We can’t halt children growing up or our own passing years or the changing of things around us.  Yet we can choose how we use our time. 


I love the following imagery passed to me by a client . . .

TFS T.png

Feeling Good . . . 
With Authenticity

Demi Schneider The Fundamental Shift Blog With Authenticity Empowering Women

Why Positive Thinking Alone Doesn't Work . . .

There are always 2 angles - the negative and the positive.


It is a fact that negative thoughts are synonymous with our caveman brain, and indeed our lower self showing up, and positive thoughts are synonymous with our evolved brain, and our higher self showing up. In turn, this brings very different outcomes in life.


Yet trying to adopt positive thinking to have the benefits has it’s own traps. Being positive about a problem in fact just keeps giving power to the problem; denying our real feelings is invalidating ourselves and diminishes us further and can also cause health issues.

Feeling Good . . . 
Living Life

Life is a beautiful thing . . . 

It can be so easy to feel negative feelings when things aren’t the way we want them to be.  We can feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and depressed. We can even feel betrayed by life when we have sad or bad experiences.


Yet we can choose to shift this energy to recharge ourselves just by taking command of our own mind and choosing instead to notice all the beautiful miracles around us.  There are so many! 


Each day millions of flowers open effortlessly.  Each day millions of bees pollenate millions of plants.

Demi Schneider The Fundamental Shift Blog Live Life Empowering Women

Feeling Good . . .
Self Worth

Demi Schneider The Fundamental Shift Blog Self Worth Empowering Women

When intelligence, hard work, or passion just aren't enough . . .

Why is it that being smart, intelligent, resourceful, loving, working hard, having talent and passion or enormous potential or even overcoming big challenges, still doesn’t necessarily result in manifesting what we yearn for?


Having a career that brings the satisfaction and fulfilment we want; having a loving relationship with a true soulmate, feeling content and at peace and comfortable in our own skin just as we are - and other desires we cherish - can seem to allude us no matter what we do.

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