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Feeling Good . . . 


Demi Schneider The Fundamental Shift Blog Happiness Empowering Women

Whatever life brings, what we really want is to feel good, isn’t it? 


We want to feel good about ourselves, our life and our future, don’t we? 


The problem comes if we are dependent on life delivering us what we want in order for us to feel good - because often life isn’t like this - as no doubt you’ve found too.


If we go through life with our happiness being dependent on external things, we will set ourselves up for disappointment when they don’t happen.  We may even get to feel life is hard, or doesn’t support us, or is unfair.  Yet, even if we get what we want, it won’t be long before we want something else and the process starts all over again.  Where is the sense of inner joy and fulfilment?


In truth, the only way we can be truly happy is to feel good about ourselves, first and foremost.  When we feel good about ourselves we feel confident, in command, comfortable in our own skin and naturally function from the evolved, positive part of our brain where we are equipped to Iive well and produce our ‘feel good chemicals’.  All our relationships improve from this space, including our relationship with life. We are very much easier to be around. All our relationships improve when the relationship we have with ourselves is good. 

To cultivate a positive shift, imagine how your relationship with yourself and with life would change if you:

~ didn't need APPROVAL? 

~ didn't need to be PERFECT?

~ SMILED at everyone you saw on the street?

~ really KNEW that money is your friend?

~ completely TRUSTED yourself and the process of life?

~ truly BELIEVED there is enough for everyone?

~ did a random act of KINDNESS every day?

~ really WENT FOR your dreams?

~ didn't CARE how you looked in a bathing suit?

~ remembered daily that you are a MAGNIFICENT EXPRESSION OF LIFE, regardless of what you learned to the contrary?


~ VALUED yourself just that bit more? 

~ set BOUNDARIES that serve you?


If you were to choose ONE of these to focus on right now, which would it be? 

Which would help you make a shift to feeling good each day? 

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