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Feeling Good . . . 

Life is a Beautiful Thing

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It can be so easy to feel negative feelings when things aren’t the way we want them to be.  We can feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and depressed. We can even feel betrayed by life when we have sad or bad experiences.


Yet we can choose to shift this energy to recharge ourselves just by taking command of our own mind and choosing instead to notice all the beautiful miracles around us.  There are so many! 


Each day millions of flowers open effortlessly.  Each day the tides come and go along millions of miles of shores around the world.  Each day millions of animals give birth to their young.  Each day millions of bees pollenate millions of plants.  Each day millions of raindrops fall somewhere in the world giving life to the earth.


Each day your heart beats, your lungs breathe the breath of life and millions of cells carry out their tasks to keep you alive without any direction from you whatsoever.  


Nature has a rhythm for everything.  


Choose today to tune into the rhythm of life, notice all the miracles around you and allow yourself to flow more easily with situations.  Plant positive seeds, water and fertilise the garden of your mind with love and gratitude and trust that your blossoming is happening!


When we can feel gratitude for life’s miracles and for our blessings, we feel more expansive and calm and are more able to handle our challenges and cultivate trust that everything is ok - the universe IS actually supporting us. 

Feeling gratitude for blessings such as having a bed to sleep in, being able to read and write (2 billion people on the planet can’t), having a flushing toilet (526 million women in the world don’t have this luxury), having food in the fridge and the money to replace it, the means of communication, the health you do have, the love you do have.....


Focusing on these things and feeling the gratitude for all life’s miracles and your blessings shifts your energy, engages the positive part of your brain where your fabulous anterior cingulate gyrus can be activated, has you producing serotonin (the feel good chemical that enables us to be happy, coping little souls) and elevates your ‘thought frequency’ to align with other positive things on that same higher frequency in the Universe. 


It is well documented that spending a few minutes in appreciation at the very start of our day, during our day, and at the very end of our day as our last thoughts before sleep, reaps huge rewards in our well-being as well as in our experiences.


The more we focus on all the miracles around us and all our blessings, the more miracles and blessings will show up for us.  What we focus on grows!


And flowing with the rhythm of life in this way and trusting the process feels good too.


What could you choose to spend time truly appreciating, with gladness and gratitude, each and every day, starting before you even got out of bed? 


What 5 things could you truly feel appreciation for right now?  How many other things could you notice going through your day? 


For some inspiration and an added feel good factor spend 2 mins listening to this:


How much more empowering does this feel? 


With this re-balance and reminder of the power we have to choose our thoughts, the more recharged and able to handle things we can feel. What we focus on grows and focusing on our blessings rather than ‘what is lacking’ is a fundamental shift to feeling good. 

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