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Feeling Good . . . 

When intelligence, hard work, or passion just aren’t enough . . .

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Why is it that being smart, intelligent, resourceful, loving, working hard, having talent and passion or enormous potential or even overcoming big challenges, still doesn’t necessarily result in manifesting what we yearn for?


Having a career that brings the satisfaction and fulfilment we want; having a loving relationship with a true soulmate, feeling content and at peace and comfortable in our own skin just as we are - and other desires we cherish - can seem to allude us no matter what we do.


Why should this be, when others do manage to attain and have and be and do and feel what they want?


I have found the answer is in simply not being aligned to receive our good in.  The truth is that we manifest what we allow ourselves to have, from our deepest core beliefs about ourselves and our world. 

If we need ‘what we’re wanting’ to show up for us before we can truly believe we are worthy and deserving of having it, we are adrift with allowing ourselves to receive unconditionally. (Even if in our heads we think we are, our inner self can have a very different belief).  


The more we strive, the more we are feeding this ‘need’ to achieve what we want in order to feel the way we want, so we are in fact giving our power to ‘the gap’ between what we want and where we are now - thus maintaining the gap! 


I was an expert at this!  Growing up with a background of lack and scarcity and a whole bunch of limiting beliefs about myself and life kept any sense of abundance miles away from me.  And if I did achieve anything it was never good enough because I never felt good enough. 


My head knew I was worth good things and quality friends and a wholesome relationship and so on, yet my inner self, that deep inside knowing place, had a whole set of different beliefs from all that I’d learn about myself and my world.  Truth be told, even though my head knew I was at least ‘8 out of 10’ worthy and deserving, my inner real self believed I was about a ‘2’.  No wonder I could only let in negative and disappointing results from all my hard work. All the striving I did, bless me, could never yield much from this space. 


The truth is that if we need approval or acceptance to feel good enough, if we need love to feel lovable, if we need good things to happen to prove we are worthy, we will have a hard time manifesting them.  We need to feel these things for ourselves to be the magnet for them and to be able to receive them back authentically.


When we fully accept ourselves as we are, approve of ourselves as we are and love ourselves as we are, all without having to be perfect, we naturally feel self worth and self esteem and can feel authentically worthy and deserving of having our good manifest and be able to receive it in when it comes our way.


I now teach much about how to cultivate these self feelings, including self worth to allow in our good in my retreats and courses.  However this is a simple Louise Hay visualisation I used for years to help build my own self worth and expand my ability to allow in more of my good; perhaps you might like to try it too:


Imagine you are standing at the shore of a huge ocean.  You can take from it as much as you want.  It can never run dry and there is plenty for everyone.


What container do you have in your hand?  Is it a thimble?  A small cracked cup?  A bucket?   A bath tub?  A giant cylinder?  Or do you have a pipe line running deep into the centre?


How worthy, deep inside, do you truly feel of having that pipeline?  


If not, start with the container you have and then see it getting a little bit bigger each time you do this visualisation.  Know you are a miraculous expression of life and were born worthy and deserving, regardless of what else you’ve learned in life.  Tell yourself you are worthy and deserving of all your good - because this is your innate truth.  Even if you have to start with something like “I am willing to allow myself to believe I am worthy and deserving of all my good and am willing to open myself to receive it” you will get there.


If you expanded your self worth just a little bit each day, or even each week, how much better would you feel?  What desires might you then be able to allow yourself to manifest?   


Enjoy your expansion to feeling good! 

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