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Feeling Good . . . 

  he Fundamental Shift

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Demi Schneider The Fundamental Shift Blog Empowering Women

The core philosophy of The Fundamental Shift is to stop making the 2 biggest mistakes of 1) focusing on your problem and 2) trying to fix your problem and instead give your power to what you do want, aligning yourself to manifest and receive this abundantly.

If you give your attention to your problem or what’s wrong, you are just making it bigger in your mind, feeding all the negativity around it, producing unwanted brain chemicals, fuelling that negative energy and deepening yourself in the primitive cave man part of your brain, with all the subsequent miserable consequences. There is no scope for change.

Trying to fix the problem directly or looking for a solution to your problem, may sound a reasonable approach, yet still gives your power to the problem. It’s like standing at the door of your primitive caveman brain trying to exterminate all the negatives. At best that can only bring you temporary relief. How long before you have more problems to deal with? And more importantly, where’s the joy?


The proof is all around us. Society has problems and we focus on them - and they grow bigger - or those in power put in measures to ‘fix’ them - which inevitably creates other problems, or new ones that people create in trying to get round the new measures. When something is given consistent attention it becomes ‘normalised’ so invariably creates more of that scenario. We are giving it all that energy! When we try to fix things by focusing on the problem we are giving the problem even more energy and we’ll have more and more ‘fixing’ to do. It is invariably self-defeating!

We cannot get positive results focusing on the negative. They are opposite polarities. What genie in any tale has ever asked “What is it you don’t want?” Even if you gave a nice long list of the all the problems and things you don’t want, the genie might then come up with all sorts of solutions that are equally what you don’t want - or seemingly fix your problems but actually create many others. You’d need to tell the genie exactly what you do want - and clearly - in order to get it. It is the same in real life.

Mother Teresa said she would never go on an anti-war rally but let her know when there was a pro-peace one. She understood that focusing on ‘anti war’ puts negative war images in our mind with all that associated energy, so is still giving the power and momentum to the unwanted war. Focusing on the desired peace puts completely different images in our mind, with very different feelings and gives our power and energy to what we do want - the desired peace.

All the successful people out there understand this. Think of any inventor, entrepreneur or high achiever . . . they focus on that they do want and in doing so, give this all their power and energy, which automatically engages a completely different part of their brain that is wired up to help them achieve it.

Instead of society focusing on unwanted things, such as stress levels at work or obesity levels or violent crimes etc, what if the figures were focused on those who were flourishing, had healthy weight levels, and all things positive, for this to grow and become the normal? The energy change is huge, with the totally different outcomes.

Thus, The Fundamental Shift to make is to stop giving attention to the problem and all you don’t want, and stop trying to fix it - and instead, choose to switch your focus to What You Do Want - as a way of every day living - and work on yourself to actually be able to manifest this in your life. This is the secret to profound change.

This shift of focus immediately puts us in the positive part of our brain, where we have all our answers and solutions; have more positive energy because we are then activating those different feel-good neurotransmitters (such as serotonin) - and is where we can achieve. We are empowered to move forward.

You can choose to apply this philosophy in your own life to achieve profoundly different outcomes, whether you are having anxiety issues, or hardship, are burnt out, feel broken, or want a new romance, or to find your true calling for a career, or to have positive life experiences or just be happier. It’s 100% in your power to make this mind shift - and make it so habitual it is automatic. You can take back your power, shift your energy, the part of the brain you function from, your perceptions and your outcomes - and feel good!

To underpin this way of thinking and being, and believe you can be and do and have and feel what you do want, as well as being able to allow yourself to have this happen, the key is to feel good about yourself, first and foremost.

If you really and truly only feel a ‘1’ or a ‘4’ or a ‘6’ out of 10 about yourself right now, how can you really live in your positive, feel good mind? All those negative thoughts will keep dipping you into the negative caveman part of your brain again. Equally, how can you possibly let yourself manifest abundant things and experiences if you only feel a ‘3’ or ‘5’ in yourself - or less? You can’t manifest what you want coming from a lacking space - and all the striving in the world to ‘close that gap’ won’t work if you are fundamentally still coming from that lacking vibration. It will continue the doubt and fear and lack and ‘held back’ feeling.

If you don’t really feel good about yourself you will be dependent on outer things being the way you want, or have needs from someone or people around you, in order to achieve this - and consequently give all your power away again. In turn, you can't even really receive love authentically because there’s that ‘void’ in you - that you’ll need others to fill, yet not really be able to receive it coming from where you’re coming from. . . a vicious circle.

However, imagine if, right now, you felt ‘10’ out of 10 authentically good about yourself, knowing who you are, feeling comfortable in your own skin, self-assured, confident and full of self-worth - wouldn’t that colour everything differently?

Imagine if you valued and appreciated and liked and loved yourself right now . . . How would you feel getting up in the morning? How much more purpose and energy and enthusiasm would you have? How much easier would it be to flow with life and handle things being in that positive part of your brain? And so on?

The truth is you were born perfectly good enough, worthy, deserving loving and lovable - and still are; you’ve just learnt to disallow what was your birthright - yet can now choose to unlearn that and go back to the original truth - and feel all the relief, freedom and happiness this brings.

Are you willing to make The Fundamental Shift?

  1. Stop focusing on what you see as the problem and trying to fix it. (Releasing negativity from your system is one thing, and is essential - yet giving your issues attention and therefore your power, is something else completely.)

  2. Start focusing on what you DO want and explore how to align yourself to manifest this abundantly.

  3. Learn to feel good about you first and foremost to make this real and authentic as your new normal.

If you are willing to make The Fundamental Shift, and want guidance and support

to achieve this to truly feel good, be happy and enjoy life,
join one of our programmes today.
Life is too short not to be happy!


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